Cyber Security

Tailored services, expert consulting, unbiased security assessments and market leading technology to deliver security peace of mind.

Can your employees spot a phishing email?
Do you know where all of your sensitive data is?
Do you know how an attacker could get into your network?
Have you got visibility around the weak points of your network?
Are you getting the most out of current security tools?
Is your signature based AV giving you the best protection?
Do you know who has access to what?


The number of cyberattacks that begin with spear phishing emails


The average number of days it takes to detect a data breach


The number of organisations infected with ransomware


The number of ransomware attacks occurring daily


Compliance and Policy Audit → Security testing → Continuous vulnerability management → Threat path analysis → User awareness


Email Security → Phishing protection → End point protection → Cloud firewalling


Triage → Automated response and orchestration


Intelligent breach detection → Advanced security analysis → Threat Hunting


Lifecycle management → Adaptive MFA → Data access control

At CyberSight we want to take away the complexity and confusion surrounding security and help businesses build and sustain a strong security posture. We partner with market leading technology vendors in areas including SD-WAN, Deception, Cloud Firewalling, Signature-less Antivirus, CASB, Data Visibility and Control, Data Loss Prevention, Web and Email Isolation, Application Security and Vulnerability Management, offering unrivalled security across all layers of the business.

About Spark

CyberSight provide tailored services, expert consulting, unbiased security assessments and market leading technology to deliver security peace of mind! With the ever advancing threats, the multitude of potential security solutions, and the unique complexities of every business, our focus is very simple.

We work with our customers to truly understand the threats that their businesses are up against, and in utilising market leading security solutions, tailored services and expert consulting, we are able to provide full cycle security to every customer.

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